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Creation 2004

My gratitude belongs to Guy Laliberté and Robert Lepage for being crazy and courageous enough to assign to me the role of projection designer. The project was a dozen times bigger than all projects that I had been involved with up until then. I want to thank Guy Caron and Stéphane Mongeau for their exceptional planning and taming of the overall project. Also, many thanks go to the team of creators of this show, for their close collaboration and cooperative working atmosphere. The creative team was:

Guy Laliberté
Creator and Director
Robert Lepage
Director of Creation
Guy Caron
Set Designer
Mark Fisher
Costume Designer
Marie-Chantale Vaillancourt
Composer and Arranger
René Dupéré
Jaques Heim
Lighting Designer
Luc Lafortune
Sound Designer
Johnathan Deans
Interactive Projections Designer
Holger Förterer
Puppet Designer
Michael Curry
Props Designer
Patricia Ruel
Acrobatic Equipment and
Rigging Designer

Jaque Paquin
Aerial Acrobatics Designer André Simard

I owe thanks to Madeleine Jean and Dominik Rinnhofer for their assistance, which supported me greatly during especially stressful times. Without them, some feats wouldn't have been pulled off that easily. For the creation of the software, I had the support of four very talented programmers: Peter Ibrahim, Mykel Brisson, Daniel Fournier, and Alain Trépanier. Steve Montambault governed the planning of the hardware. Special thanks go to Philippe Jean and Louis-Philippe Demers for the outrageous development of the giant capacitive system.

Thanks to the people in charge of the lighting department, which we were a part of as the projection team. In particular, Jeanette Farmer and Nils Becker for solutions to all the things that at first seemed impossible; to the lead projectionist Jon Mytyk, and to Tony Saurini for their close and productive teamwork during all the possible and impossible day and night times; also to all of the lighting and stage technicians, especially Liz Koch.

Thank you very much to Jörg Lemke for many hours of discussion with regard to artistic concepts and life. I would like to say thank you to Neilson Vignola, Anh-Dao Bui, and Simon Lemieux for their collaboration. Last, but not least, to Jeremy Hodgson from automation, and to Nol Van Genuchten for his help during the planning phase of lighting.

Because such a big project can become more than a little confusing, I sincerely apologize to everyone whom I may have forgotten to mention in this long list.

Revisited Version 2012

Thank you to the new lead projectionist, Davin Gaddy, for the extremely uncomplicated collaboration and his many good ideas. Thanks to Nils Becker and Chris Kortum for the planning and supervision of the implementation and for fast help when some things did not work right away. I'd also like to thank the technical director Erik Walstad and the artistic director Marie-Hélčne Gagnon for their helpful support.

I owe a lot of gratitude to Christian Wening and his team for their, as usual, competent hardware research and for building the new projection computers.

Finally, many thanks to Davin Gaddy for reviewing the English text of this documentation.

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intro realization credits