sculpture 1 – sediment interactive panoramic projection
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Sculpture 1 - Sediment developed between 2011 and 2013. The first prototype materialized a few months after the November 2010 release of Microsoft's Kinect 3D camera. It was thoroughly revised and finished in 2013, including the use of the motion-tracker and the development of the multichannel sound for the Beyond exhibition.

I am very grateful for everybody who contributed to this project, knowingly or unknowingly, most of them willingly:


Ida Nordpol, Rainer Kuhn

male model

Axel Jahn


Ida Nordpol

assistance retouche

Tom Hahn


Ida Nordpol, Holger Förterer

Naturkundemuseum Karlsruhe

Dr. Eduard Harms, Martin Hörth

support torch recordings

Katja Löffel

support torch construction

Felix Kaiser, Napoli-Design,
Mirco Fraß

audio equipment

Frank Halbig

ZKM PanoramaLabor

Bernd Lintermann,
Derek Hauffen, Silke Sutter

support hardware

Computer Consult Wening

torch holder

Matthias Gommel

support optics

Lensation GmbH

human resources

Kilian Ochs, Frederik Busch,
Johann Korndörfer

Special thanks to the team at Beyond 2013, to Jörg Lemke for the impulse to revisit every single relationship and his insights into the secrets of zen gardens, and to the Wening Family for the possibility to study sound and sight in the cave.

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intro realization credits