the sound of things interactive sound installation
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intro realization credits

The Sound of Things was my final project a the Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe in 2013. I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to everybody who supported me, especially:

Supervision Prof. Michael Bielicky
Ludger Pfanz
Support in all respects Lorenz Schwarz
Insa Foce
Hardware, LED technology
Christian Wening –
Computer Consult Wening
Support tracking Paul Modler
headphone modification Alex Wenger
Andreas Lang
Support recording Frank Halbig
HFG studio Sebastian Schäfer
Andreas Beckert
Print Roland Merz – Comyk
Video advice Frederik Busch
HRTF Bill Gardner and Keith Martin –
MIT Media Lab

Tracking and sound generation software were both written by me in C++. During development I used the following libraries: OpenCV, OpenMP, OpenAL, OpenGL, Steinberg ASIO, CodeLaboratories CLEye SDK. I also used the HRTF database of the MIT, Cubase and Audacity to construct sound loops and Blender to build the virtual table model.

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intro realization credits