Hunting Miracles

Sketch of "Join the Hive"
Sketch for the group experiment “Join the Hive” / “Werde Teil des Schwarms”

In recent years, my works have become real commitments. It often takes me two or more years to finish an installation. This blog is meant to bridge the time gap between exhibitions and give you a glimpse at what I’m working on all this time. Of course you will find announcements for exhibitions as well.

I am currently working on many installations at the same time and they are growing step by step. Some proved to be excessively heavy on computing requirements and take much longer than anticipated. But I expect to have easier access to all productions in the new workshop I am going to move to so that in the end, things will hopefully develop a little faster.

My works are starting to become more personal and I hope to be able to communicate the ideas behind them in more detail here. I feel that I’ve been gone hunting miracles for years and years and neglected writing about this journey far too long.

Lastly, I fear there is sometimes a misunderstanding regarding the technical and artistic aspects of my works. In the past, I often explained the technical side of my works, the part that I could — and sometimes should — perhaps have published in technical papers. Even though it’s still hard to find words for certain images, I hereby promise to improve and tell you more about the motivation behind my works.