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Ellipsoid mirror

Within my current art installation “Shelter”, I managed to solve the challenge of achieving 360° projections via an ellipsoid mirror surface. I can now project onto an arbitrarily positioned and rotated ‘egg’ in the room in a way that the projection onto walls, ceiling and floor looks straight.

Some Thoughts: AI Retouch

Currently, AI based images are often generated from noise or a reference image using a phrase (prompt) to describe what should be visible in the image. Sometimes the positioning of objects in such AI videos seems a bit arbitrary. Beautiful that may be and it may remind of works M. C. Escher but I wonder if anybody has tried to use a semantic segmentation/labeling video tracker before the actual AI processing…

Trinity Twins

Marc Teuscher, Holger Förterer and Michael Saup at the Geiger counter of "Trinity Twins" March 2022, Photo © Paul Needham

It is a great honor to have participated in the preparation of the work Trinity Twins by my former media art professor Michael Saup. For this work, he filmed footage in places that relate to atomic energy: Karlsruhe, Chernobyl, Geneva, Fukushima, Vienna, Paranal and Hechingen. He also worked with scenes from his short film Before Sunrise with the Slovenian group Laibach, which depicts the atmosphere just before the flash of the first atomic bomb test in 1945.

Sound, Light and Chaos

Phono Lux Machine (Sketch), Collage by Marc Teuscher and Holger Förterer

I want to do two things in the near future. I would like to express the hardship and sorrow I have experienced in my life through several works yet to come. And I would like to continue crafting special moments for people. In addition, this year I am going to finish works at two different locations in Karlsruhe.

Hunting Miracles

Sketch of "Join the Hive"

In recent years, my works have become real commitments. It often takes me two or more years to finish an installation. This blog is meant to bridge the time gap between exhibitions and give you a glimpse at what I’m working on all this time. Of course you will find announcements for exhibitions as well. […]